Hiya~! My name is Angela~! I'm a 17 year old magical girl who saves the world by day and by night is cooped up in her room watching anime or writing stories about cuties. Nagisa Hazuki is my prince (u///u) I'm in a ton of fandoms, but most things you will find on my blog will be anime, the color pink, Free!, RWBY, cute Japanese things, video games and me having lots of emotions over fictional characters. Oh! And, hey, I love making new friends so please don't be afraid to just drop by and chat with me every once and a while! ^O^)/~✧・゚:*✧・゚:*

ღ~Nagisa's Princess~ღ
» if you see this it means you are invited to my funeral when the new episode of Free comes out tomorrow and kills me
» Fill In These Things About You
Name: Angela~!!! <333 (/w\)
Birthday: August 5th
Height: 5'5"
Eye color: Brown~
Hair color: dark brown/black~
A random fact about you: I have over 40 different books that I want to write! \(^u^)/
Favorite band/music group: The Ready Set is what I live on
Favorite song: At the moment? The theme song to Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun~
major at the moment: ??? like...what I want to major in? Creative Writing?
Favorite food: PIZZA <3333 I will eat it all week long
Favorite season: Fall/winter (/w\) <333
Favorite animal: Cats <333 but also red pandas and sheep and penguins and polar bears and *it goes on forever*
Favorite movie: Rise Of The Guardians! <333
Are you currently in a relationship?: yes, with Nagisa hahaha jk OTL I'm single <3333 \o/
Anything you need to work on?: School. Stories. Baking. Everything (;___;)
Who ended your last relationship?: Well...I mean...I was technically in a relationship when I was 12 but it wasn't very long and it wasn't very real so I don't count it. And I've never had a relationship besides that little one so like I don't know how to answer this (.__.)
Do you prefer someone:
shorter or taller?: It doesn't matter to me~ <333 (/w\) <333 I think tall guys are super cute but I think short guys are hella adorable too~
Dark hair or light hair?: It doesn't matter to me~ haha~ I love dark hair and I love highlights, but I also love love light blonde hair (/w\) <3333
Smart or attractive?: DO I HAVE TO PICK JUST ONE. Eeehhhh, probably attractive. I mean, being smart is good too! But I think just because someone's attractive doesn't mean they can't be a good person and smart too! In the same way it's important to be wise and smart...hmmm...I JUST WANT BOTH.
Is creativity attractive?: HECK YES (/w\) I love creative people <3333
Do you care how much money they have?: Pffff not really. I mean, I think it's important to have a reliable job and a job you love too. And I think it's important to have savings and be wise with your money, but if I liked a guy and he was poor it wouldn't stop me from continuing to like him (/w\)
Your last phone call: my brother (and he didn't even want to talk to me he just wanted to talk to my mom (;__;))
Your last text: "Can you get me some Gold Fish (o3o)" (my dad was at the grocery store haha~)
The last thing you ate: Chicken (-3-)
The last thing you drank: MIZU (water) \o/
The last song you listened to: Fashion Monster - by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
The last book you read: For school? Beowulf. For fun? Percy Jackson \o/
The last movie you watched: EHHHHH I THINK IT WAS...ummm....oh dang it I can't remember....probably a movie on TV or Netflix or something haha~
Do you play any instruments?: Ukulele is the instrument of my soul
What are you pets’ names?: Grayson and Belle (uwu) <333
Your favorite board game: Apples to Apples! <333
A random childhood memory: I use to swing every day on our little swing set at sunset (/w\) <333
Places you would like to visit: Oh my gosh like everywhere in Japan, England, Ireland, and France (/w\) <333
Your favorite color to wear: Pink!! <33


Have you ever wanted to marry an art style


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This video is a gift.

I want what she’s having.

it’s always better than i remember it

Whenever I try and explain this to my friends I always fail.

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toastyhat replied to your post: I know I’ve been doing a lot of ‘break…

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Volkanon deserves more love~*: ・゚✧

Free! Iwatobi Boys

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